Everything is Trash was a series of posters that never came to be in their original form. 
Back in the summer of 2011, I was extremely influenced by the work of the great Thomas Schostok and I decided to see what could I do with all these ideas and images I had in my mind. From that, I came up with the project Everything is Trash and started designing and illustrating some posters. 
I never managed to design anything more than those two posters that you can see here but, since I really like the way that they look, I decided to show them to the world and see what happens.
that gently flows between the souls is the name of this poster inspired by a song from Martin Grech. My idea was to try to show the urge to destroy something beautiful, in a Chuck Palahniuk kind of way.
It sounds like you said this a thousand times is the name of this poster inspired by the amazing music from Made Out of Babies.
more artwork at design.ftofani.com

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