Mayhem and Gaahls Wyrd + GosT live in Berlin - November 2019

Mayhem I had seen Gaahls Wyrd earlier in 2019, but I didn’t want to miss them once I knew they were coming to Berlin to play with Mayhem in November 2019. As always, I wanted to design something for the concert.

My idea was to try some more “heavy metal” and, with this in mind, I decided to look in my design archive for something that could be useful. I found a poster I did back in November 2006 with a skull and another one from March 2009 with some bird wings. 

With this material ready, I went into Photoshop and tried to put together an idea I sketched, and this is what you can see here. There are two posters here but I like one more than the other. You can choose your favorite as well.

Since I already had some layers ready from those old files, I did two poster versions, but I decided to go with the first one either way. One thing I learned with this poster was that I was great at organizing files back in 2006, and I wish more designers did something like that.

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