Designing a Online Magazine for Young German Teens
Celepedia is a personal online magazine for young females in Germany. Its aim is to entertain them with content that is relatable, reassuring and refreshing through being honest and bold.

My work at Celepedia started in September 2013 and, since the start, I was responsible for creating an online visual identity while creating the product and adapting it to the market that we aimed to achieve. 

During this time there, Celepedia changed a lot. From its target group to its message and design. Below you can see the last design I applied to the product and a small part of the process behind it.
Celepedia's brand changed through time as well and the last one was developed together with Amy Williams, one of the best designers I worked with here in Berlin. She came up with the logo and we developed further with some colorful gradients.

Those gradient were put together for more than pleasing the eye. Our concept was to use them as a way of color coding how Celepedia's content was presented to the users. Each section of Celepedia had a gradient color and below you can see it better.

Each section has its own set of colors that will be used in every article that belongs to that area. With this in mind, headers change as well and they should all be labeled in a way that would make sense for our users. 

Celepedia was designed with the thought of keeping our users entertained enough for them to get lost in the content we provided. Content related to what they care about and that we split in sections and sub sections. Each of those with, what we called, entity. Each article is about a person, a band or a celebrity. We called those entities so we could organize it better.

You can rate how you feel about those entities in a custom way. Each celebrity is rated by how you perceive them. On the example below you can see Louie C.K. and you rate him based on how funny he is. In case of another celebrity like Taylor Swift, you could rate her based on how great her music is and so on.
In order to appeal to such a young target group, it is essential that Celepedia's content is readily accessible through the ever-changing and vast number of channels that its target group is familiar with today. Therefore it is important to maintain a consistent identity both visually and verbally. 

Although the concept is somewhat complicated and the content is varied, we strive to present it in it’s simplest form, whilst maintaining our fun and lively essence. This is why our visual focus when it comes to the editorial content is the text itself. There is no other focal point besides the content and we really mean it.
If you want to see more of Celepedia, click on the link below and see how the brand and website developed after my work there was done.

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