Insect Ark — Live at Borsig Amp Fest 2021
When I first bought my iPad Pro, I used to sit on the couch, watching something silly on TV while I did some drawings. One of these times, I drew a pirate skull with a flowing beard, and I saved it for later. My idea was to keep evolving the drawing or to use it as a part of a poster.

This plan became real in September 2021 when I designed a poster for Insect Ark at the Borsig Amp Fest in Berlin.

I picked up the skull once again and decided to explore a few different approaches to it. One was more minimal in textures and had a linocut style. And another one that was heavy on textures and short on contrast ended up looking like a cursed comic book cover. The last was a more digital brush approach and a "more traditional" layout.

Below are the sketches, the poster, and everything in between.

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