In the beginning of 2015, a rapper from Berlin called Romano captured my attention with a video about black metal. At first I thought it was a weird thing but I ended up loving the guy. But I was never able to see him live. 

Fast forward to July 2016 and there I was in Feldkirch, a city in the Vorarlberg region of Austria and Romano is about to play there. A dream came true like some people would say. The concert was amazing and as soon as I got home to Berlin, I started sketching some ideas for a poster to celebrate how this concert was for me. 

I didn't have any cool ideas until I decided to watch some of his videos again. The answer came to me with Metalkutte where I did a screenshot from a scene in the video and decided to use it as base to what I wanted to do. 

Below you can see the original screenshot.

From the screenshot, I decided to trace it over like a stencil and try to create some contrast curves to split the colors and anything else. The idea was to distort his face and come up with something new, different.

Above you can see how the colored version looked like after some ink and some new ideas. As I always do, I scanned the image and played around on Illustrator, trying to come up a little bit different. I simplified the colors and the shapes and came up with the image below.

From there, I exported every color group to Photoshop where I started playing around and creating some logic behind all this mess. Since the goal I had in mind was still something weird, I tried to break the vector lines with some curves and the poster below is the final product.

Below you can watch the video that started it all.

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