True Widow and King Woman
How I designed the poster for their concert live in Berlin 2017

I have been listening to True Widow since they released As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth back in 2011. But when they released Circumambulation, my love for them grew to a different standard. Since I moved to Berlin, in early 2012, they were one of the many bands that I was looking forward to seeing it live. But they didn't tour in Germany at that time.

My luck finally changed in April 2017 when True Widow finally played a small sold out concert in Berlin. The opening act was a band called King Woman and both concerts were pretty cool as you can see in the video below where True Widow plays Four Teeth, one of my favorite songs from them
Like I always try to do, I had to design a poster for their concert. And, even though their concert was great, it took me a while to find that safe spot where creativity meets free time. Last week, that happened and it started with a female face with no eyes and, from there, a lettering appeared and I started playing with vectors in Illustrator. Too bad the first idea I had about the lettering from the main band didn't fit the design I had in mind.
With this weird lettering made of blood and hair setup, I went with some colors and the results can be seen below.

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