Ministry played in Berlin and I had to do a poster for them.

Ministry is one of my favorite bands. I grow up with poster of their albums on my wall and I believed I would never seen them live, ever. This changed in early july 2016 when I saw that they were about to play in Berlin for the first time in a couple of years. My dream of watching them live was about to come true. 

When I moved to Berlin, I decided to do a poster for every concert I would go to but this project became too much for me and I stopped doing that. Ministry changed this and I started drawing the wolf on this poster on a sunday afternoon, while waiting from their concert to start.

There is no concept here. It's just a combination of styles and drawings I like. First, came the wolf, inspired by a picture I saw on flickr a while ago. Then it came the brushes and the pink and red from the background. Later, it became even more messy and this is how I wanted it to look like.

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