Lingua Ignota with Hide and Kontravoid live in Berlin.

When I realized that Lingua Ignota was playing in Berlin, I knew I had to design something based on the last performance I was from her. My ideas were a little bit hazy, but after going through some Instagram stories of her new performances, something clicked inside my head, and I decided to try to use a spider as the central reference point in the poster.

I had seen a spider picture a couple of months ago and, since I saved it, I thought about using this one on the poster. First, my idea was to draw over the photography and create something different, but, after spending a couple of hours drawing the hair on the spider, I realized that this would be too much.

So, I decided to try Adobe Capture for vector images, and this is how I restarted the process one last time. 

After some different renderings, I went on Illustrator and decided to play around with the curves and colors. After some trials and errors there, I decided to go with a screen printing simulation with some "surf like" colors. On Photoshop, I added some text and played around with some color variation until I decided to go with the three options here. 

Below you can see some of the steps that I mentioned above. 

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