Wrekmeister Harmonies, led by musician and composer JR Robinson, is an experimental music collective. Named after the Béla Tarr movie Werckmeister Harmonies, it combines elements of drone music, serialism, post-rock, and heavy metal.

When I heard that Wrekmeister Harmonies was coming to Berlin, I had to start sketching ideas for a poster. Their opening act is Nadja and I love them too. The first thing I did was a female face with luscious hair and I liked it so much I decided to use as the poster. 

The sketch was done on a cardboard I had laying around the house and it showed me that this isn't the perfect place to draw something like that. 
After the initial drawing, I decided to play around with some different pens since the paper was really bad absorbing ink. This is how I ended up with the weird look you can see on the image below.
After I realized that the image wasn't suitable to become a poster, I decided to test out something else and did some tracing on Illustrator. The final result was better than I imagined so I decided to use it on the poster as you can see on the images below.
Above you can see the final result and I love when I finish a poster project before the concert happens. Looking forward to see Wrekmeister Harmonies live here in Berlin.

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