Joe Volk - Germany Tour 2017

Joe Volk came to Berlin and he asked me to design his poster. I'm still not sure how this happened but it happened. I have been following his music since 2006 (?) and it was a dream come true when I saw that there was e-mail with his name on my inbox.

We talked a while about what did he want to do and I started sketching ideas. Everything got clear after a trip that I took to Prague and something that I saw inside a church came to my head. This is where the first illustrations started. 
Everything started with this simple drawing and a stained glass idea. I knew that I wanted to have this woman with golden like hair and something dark in the background. Besides that, there was a crown that didn't fit properly so we had to change the main drawing a few too many times. Typography was an issue as well since the original idea was to have Joe Volk inside the crown but... It didn't work out that well as you can see below.
I love to design posters like this but my designs mostly live online. So it was really cool to see it being printed. Below you can see how it was done.

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