Shining Live Aus Berlin - November 2013
Shining is a weird sounding band from Norway that describes the music they play as black jazz. I loved the band after listening to it for the first time back in 2008. When they came to Berlin, in November 2013, I knew I had to see that and create a poster for the concert continuing with a series of Posters for Every Concert I go to.
Below you can see how the video from I Won't Forget inspired me to create this glitch like poster for them. 
This is the first visual I decided to try. I went to Shining's official website and downloaded their press pictures and went with one of them on top of a white background and the glitch process started using three main colors: black, white and the orange the band uses everywhere.
My second visual idea included glitching different channels on images and this way I ended up creating this weird looking wave like visual where green and magenta mix in a different way. 
My third and last visual experimentation came in a simpler way. I decided to try different file formats and how they could be glitched in different ways. This is what I ended up with. 

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