The Dillinger Escape Plan came to Berlin in October and i knew i had to design something for them. And, after surviving their concert, i knew i had to try to emulate that experience in some way. 
So, i took a look at some of the pictures i took there and everything was shaken, distorted by the light and by how crazy they are onstage. Inspired by that, i decided to try to glitch those pictures in anyway possible. My goal was to create some seizure indulcing gifs that would try to show how crazy that concert was. 
I ended up creating 9 posters for them, as you can see below. From that point, i decided to create 4 copies from each poster and glitch them individually so i could create a short video that would be flashing before my eyes like the memories from that concert. 
Below you can see some of the posters i designed for this. And the animated gifs as well.
The video below was the inspiration behind this project. It was recorded during the concert and data moshed a while later just to see how well could i match the experience of being there. 

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