You caught me at a bad historical moment by Muqdisho

After more than a year of exclusively publishing music made with tape loops, I decided it was time to explore something different. Through these plague months, it hasn't been easy to make noise and to focus on music in any way. But there are moments where some creativity appears out of nowhere, and something happens.

The songs here came from different sessions across the last six months. In those, I was testing out other ideas, various synths, sequencers, and tape machines that I stumbled upon. Maybe, something useful will come out of it in the future.

The visual concept here was simple. I wanted to portray how does it feel to live in a world crowded with historical events happening every day. Sometimes, it would be better to be dead and just watch as the days go by. 

This is where this photo came from. I walked around a cemetery close to my house in Berlin when I saw a tombstone with a gorgeous orange tree above it. That moment, I realized I had to use this somewhere for this album. It became the cover, and other shots I took that day became the support for it as posters. 

You can listen to the album below and on Bandcamp.
The t-shirt above is sold exclusively at Society6 since I thought it would be an exciting addition to the album's whole concept. You should check it out.

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