Zoviet France live in Berlin - 2019
with The Nent, Thisquietarmy and Sa Bruxa
I have been listening to Zoviet France since I was a teenager. They were never my favorite band, but there were always some of their songs hanging out around my ears, and they did influence my taste in music to a degree. Since they started playing in the early 1980s, I never imagine that I would be able to see them perform now, but it happened. 

As always, I needed to design a poster for this concert, but I didn't have enough time to do it before the gig, so I used some of the impressions I had there to give it a personal touch.

The idea here came after I saw a Javanese style mask on a photography book, and I thought it could be something interesting to use for Zoviet France since some of their songs give me a similar feeling as the mask. 

With this in mind, I did a few drawings of the mask and some letterings with the name Zoviet France as you see below. 

This design was done in two steps, one afternoon back in November 2019 and another one in March 2020.

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