Mastodon Live in Berlin

Mastodon is playing in Berlin for the first time since I moved here in 2012. Since I'm more than excited to see them live, I decided to try out some new ideas and did a poster for the concert.

The idea was to mixture some brush lettering with a drawing I did. Something abstract and visually different from their album artwork.
The first thing I did was draw the name Mastodon a lot of times and try to do some lettering solution that I would really enjoy. After more than 30 variations, I finally stopped and decided to filter down to a solution. Below you can see the one I liked more and how it looked like after digitalization.
The name Mastodon was done and I had to combine it with the drawing I did before. Below you can the drawing after some vectoring work.
Now I just had to combine both with a background, some colors, more information and, pretty much, everything else. One of the first designs I did followed a pink and purple color palette and it is my favorite design. 
But I felt like I needed something else so I chose some colors from Mastodon's last album and decided to use this palette on an alternative version for the poster. Below you can see the green and red version.

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