Marissa Nadler live in Berlin — December 2016

Back in December 2016, Marissa Nadler came to Berlin and, since she is one of the reasons why I enjoy folk music, I had to go and see her play. This was my second time watching her play and she was amazing. Her voice is somehow magical and, live, it's even better than on the records.

For the poster, I wanted to play with a different visual from the ones I have been doing. Instead of an illustration, my idea was to use one of the images she has on the website and play with that. I wanted it to look gothic in a different way so, once I was doing my things in Photoshop, I started playing with gradients and how they could overlay on the picture I had. 

After some trial and error, I came up with the images below. I showed to a friend and she liked two of them, I accepted her advice and went with both posters. One in black and another with some colors.

You can see more below.
Below you can watch a video I shot at the concert. She was playing All the Colors of the Dark and that song title was the inspiration behind my work here. 

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