Valient Thorr and Honky live in Berlin
I had the pleasure of watching Valient Thorr playing again and I knew I had to design a poster for it. My idea was simple: it needs to have a unicorn and it needs to be scared.

With this idea in mind, I started sketching some unicorns based on some horse pictures I found on flickr and decided to weird them up a little. FInally, after having some drawings ready, I sat on my computer and started doing some stuff. The first design I did wasn't what I wanted to do so it sat on my hard drive for a few days before I decided to try something else. Below you can see how it used to look like. 
The one design I liked showed an unicorn in panic, trying to run away from something and this is the final design I decided to run with. Below you can see it in high resolution.

Also, here is how the sketch looked like before it became a vector and this is it.

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